Z.Vex Effects The Machine Pedal

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Product: Z.Vex Effects The Machine Pedal

You are buying one Machine pedal from Z.Vex Effects.

(From the Z.Vex website:)

 I designed this new distortion generator, Machine, with some different limitations. Like try playing chords through it. Hmmm. But put it in front of any string of fuzz pedals, and try to make it disappear. Machine is actually a dual frequency-tripler circuit that uses crossover distortion for the first time in any pedal, ever. It generates the distortion of the wave in the sloped part of the cycle, instead of the peaks and valleys like all other distorters and fuzzes. In other words, it distorts when your guitar string is in the middle of vibrating, while it's swinging, not as it's turning around. That's the same place where your speaker cone is sort of coasting, between all the way in and all the way out. Where nothing is happening, this pedal happens.

With Machine you can leave your favorite distorting pedals on and still add a new element of energetic grind.

It is brand new in the box and comes with a full factory warranty. Quantities available. Contact for pricing.

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